Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Control of Your Consoul

Now that I’ve got your attention, I want you to look toward my direction. I was raised Catholic, and two of the easiest things I found to do were dispel the theoretic understanding of the Bible, and challenge people’s beliefs in God. In the beginning, I was doing this out of mischief just to rub my antagonistic finger across the area of the brain that harbors frustration and disruption of one’s near realization that everything he or she has accepted, may be a fallacy passed throughout the centuries. Anyone who thinks independently knows that deception is not only sadly needed for the masses, but mandatory. In union, people cannot be trusted to have complete control over their better judgment.

Furthermore, if a group of people can all be swindled into believing an idea they can be controlled. Order instituted. Free will is only useful in the minds of the well educated; or so it seems. Therefore, those very powerful men, of a long ago past, instituted moralistic principles, superstitions and most of all, religion.
These ideals have been so far embedded, that they’ve been adopted by individuals and said as their own. When discussing this with people they tend to use phrases like: “My God”. I know I am an asshole. Therefore I ask: “How can that which created you, belong to you?” In my opinion, the word “my” completely robs your deity of god-dom. You cannot overpower your benefactor. Even when using “my” as a term of endearment. This is just “my” opinion.

Moving along, this post is not about religion. It is about control; control of the mind which results in control of the body which is the vessel of the soul. The soul can never be controlled, but it can be restrained by distraction. Distractions such as pretending that confessing your sins to a man deemed holy by other humans like yourself will absolve you of your wrong. Distractions come in the form of reality television. The stars of which are exploited for their ignorance, culture and personal issues. Issues no one really care about, but enjoy watching them negatively affect the lives of others. Distractions are everywhere. I was distracted when many different people of different backgrounds, classes, and preferences shouted that they wanted equality. Then when I turned and looked behind my back, they were all setting up their own camps, with their own kind.
Reader. Please release yourselves from the inherent control of your minds which have led to the control of your thoughts and actions. I find it sad that people can’t be themselves just because those around them would find them odd or strange. Those are childhood traits. Free yourselves from these restrictions. They only prove disastrous when you reach adulthood. But, who am I, but a simple man offering simple conversation. I will say however, Jesus’ true task was to show us the way. In doing that, he was always true to himself. That is for the sheep. Peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Breaking the Skin

I want to send a special, warm, and deep shout out to all the so called, self proclaimed revolutionaries out there. I appreciate your hard work to keep your appearance of going against the system. You’ve been steadfastly rocking keffiyeh scarves since 2007 or 2008. While, my mother has nonchalantly been supporting them since 1988. But, not to drift off topic, this is a dedication, to the easily influenced and led astray mass of people who know not exactly what they’re revolting against, but, know that George Bush was indeed an idiot, and therefore, that’s a good enough conversation starter for them. I want to peace out my mans and them who, read something so moving that instead of living by this movement, they project it. This projection is excellent. It brings more conversation, it emits an air about them that they are “deep”, and most importantly, nothing drives a woman crazier, than a man who thinks outside of the box.

I’m sending this out to all the activists out there, who are active in nothing. Bring about no change, but believe in their heart, that they know the entire story of that Argentine man on the face of their shirt. Stop me when I’m talking too much. You can’t. I’m sending this out, to all my beautiful black African women who frown when they see me with my woman who is not them. I know they do this because they feel that if little old me were with a black woman, the entire black race, would magically overthrow the powers that be and miraculously we would achieve the glory we once had in a country that now hates us. Props to you sisters. I love my mother more than you can fathom.

I wanted to reach out to all the churches across the nation, but, I will give you all special attention at a later time.

If the government infested our communities with AIDS and drugs, what are you going to do about it? George Bush stole the election, we did nothing about it. Iran’s elections were stolen, but they’re a different people and so, react a different way. They are fucking shit up right now. Our heroes are nonexistent. Our role models are playing roles modeled by people in power who have no idea of the struggles our communities have been through. Segregation exists in the mind. That is why we will not succeed. But we all have a different definition of success. Personally, all that money is not coming with me, and, I’d run out of ideas trying to spend it. Information never gets old. I love the feeling of a wrinkle in my brain, even if the person who put it there does it in a you-didn’t-know-that? way.

I love saying the n-word. Nigga. It’s a word. Any argument with me over this word is pure ignorance. In my next life I will incarnate as a woman of a different race. Reader, let me know when you think you’re reading nonsense. I’ll tell you that you should have stopped when I asked you if I’m talking too much. There’s a lot to be said. I haven’t said enough. I love humanity. Let this sit on your brain. So Mote It Be.

The Reason

The pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot, or lever. It swings from one side to the other with opposite, yet equal force. An abacus is a tool used to make calculations long before the birth of the calculator. I am a devout believer that karma is the order of the world. Most see it simply as “whatever you do comes back to you”, or “no deed goes unpunished”. I however, understand that it is merely one event giving cause to another event of equal, yet opposite occurrence. Just like a pendulum. It is possible to avoid certain occurrences of karma, or to be above the back swing of the pendulum, resulting in nothing more than positive events in your life. If you keep track of the forward swings, anticipating and dodging the back swing, you can calculate a better life for yourself and those around you. This blog will be nothing more than my insight on any event or topic I choose to write on as well as musical selections and poetic contributions. It will also be nothing less than my completely honest opinion. This is not for the faint of heart or culturally sensitive. It is however, for everyone. Join me.